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NVidia Smart City Solutions


Traffic Management

IVA is helping to measure pedestrian flow and vehicle traffic to help eliminate congestion, easing traffic and reducing pollution. AI-based systems manage traffic flow and improve incidence reporting and preventive maintenance of the road infrastructure.

Smart Parking

IVA and connected infrastructure make it easier to find open parking spots in congested areas, which also helps with ROI for cities and parking operators. The NVIDIA Metropolis platform uses AI and deep learning to help drivers find open parking spaces with real-time updates.

Law Enforcement

Government and law enforcement agencies everywhere are faced with increasingly complex situations during their investigations. Deep learning-based video synopsis and analytics solutions are speeding up investigations by intelligently compressing days of camera footage to minutes for quick review.

Retail Analytics

IVA systems are helping retailers to improve customer satisfaction, business efficiencies, and their bottom line. NVIDIA’s Metropolis platform with AI at the edge delivers foot traffic insights for real estate planning and product placement.

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